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Comic lover, rock music, TV shows, literature and role playing games. Graphic designer and co-founder of Lasombra Tech. Company. Full time nerd.


Video games throughout the decades: Final Fantasy (1987-2014)


Video games throughout the decades: Final Fantasy (1987-2014)

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Lil MacGuffins by 100% Soft / Tumblr

Inspired by cinematic macguffins. An object or device in a movie or a book that serves merely as a trigger for the plot.

6” X 6” Giclee prints, S/N editions of 25. Available HERE.

Part of the joint art shows, featuring new works by Russ Moore and Glen Brogan, on until September 27th, at Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

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Meet the blogger

Meet the blogger ( xxfoxxx tagged me)

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URL: comicandothernerdystuff (short? xD)

Name: Lucía

Nickname: Pandora, Dora and Yarsse

Birthday: December 19th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: I think that 1.60 m.

Time Zone: UTC+01:00

Current time and date: September 19th at 16:52

Average hours of sleep: 5-8

The last thing I Googled was:

My most used phrase(s): Whaaaaaat?

First word that comes to mind: Whaaat? xD

Last thing said to a family member: Oh, good luck in Ireland…I’ll wait you here in Spain…just working…¬¬

One place that makes me happy and why: In a real big city. I like going out on the street and find all things that I need.

How many blankets I sleep under: I don’t use any blankets now.

Favorite beverage(s): Coffee, tea and fanta grape (but last one is really difficult to find in Spain). I love beer too, but now I cound’t drinking by a disease.

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardian of the Galaxy…Awesome.

Three things I can’t live without: Music, comic and design.

Something I plan on learning: English, singing and play guitar.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Don’t think, just do it. 

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Redditor army4211's computer room is something I’m very envious of.

[Full Album]

Jose, mira.



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Photographer Reveals the Lonely Side of Superheroes

Photographer Benoit Lapray’s photo series, “The Quest for Absolute" focuses on the loneliness of famous superheroes, set in the beautiful, yet desolate landscape of the French Alps.

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En esta cama seguro que comicsandothernerdystuff dejaría de tener insomnio. xDDD

Posiblemente xDDDDDDD                    


En esta cama seguro que comicsandothernerdystuff dejaría de tener insomnio. xDDD

Posiblemente xDDDDDDD                    

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The Bat Family 


The Bat Family 

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Pretty Poison

A Pamela Isley pinup based on a Gil Elvgren piece!  You can get it with Groot or without! :)

Groot:  Teepublic, Redbubble, Society6

Non-Groot:  Teepublic, Redbubble, Society6

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Awesome Art by Melissa Smith

Find more of her stuff here:

I want these O__O

#Marvel #avengers

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" Unreal Estate " by Tim Doyle

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